Obama’s Grandma Gets a Solar Roof in Kenya : TreeHugger

Grenpeace’s Solar Generation project has worked closely with the local youth–some who hail from the world’s second-largest slum in Kibera–to install solar panels on roofs in the city of Kogelo, Kenya. Two of the sites to get set up with solar were the Senator Barack Obama School, and the president’s grandmother herself, Mama Sarah. It appears that Obama’s grandma was pretty impressed with the solar power project–and she wants to pass the news on to her son.

According to Greenpeace, Mama Sarah said: “I am very pleased that my home has been improved thanks to solar energy and I’ll make sure my grandson hears about it. Solar power is clean, reliable and affordable, unlike paraffin that is widely used in the area. Also, we now have qualified youth in the village who can help with the upkeep of the systems.”

Which is true–the installation at the schools and at Sarah’s home were part of a renewable energy workshop put on by Solar Generation. The 20-day workshop attracted 25 young Kenyans, who learned both the intricate workings of solar panels and how to install and maintain them. They were also taught about the marketing potential of solar panels and how they can be produced. A worthy project indeed, for a region greatly threatened by climate change, and one that stands to benefit from more widespread clean energy use worldwide.

Check out the program’s website for more info on the remarkable Solar Generation project.

Source Article:  http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/08/obama-grandma-solar-roof-kenya.php?dcitc=th_rss




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