Compost Equals Electricity – Who Would Have Thought!

Generating electricity from compost—amazing!  Be sure and read more about how an incinerator plant in England is going to start using food waste to generate electricity, thereby reducing the amount of garbage making its way to landfills…

By Sarah Cosgrove » Enfield Independent

LEFT over burgers, sandwiches and kebabs could be turned into electricity if recycling at the Edmonton Incinerator steps up a gear.

The facility, which is now called LondonWaste EcoPark, is considering breaking down food waste to reduce the amount sent to landfill sites.

The process is known as anaerobic digestion – anaerobic means without oxygen – and is composting without air.

Food waste is ground up and mixed with water, within a specially designed and sealed tank.

This material is then ‘digested’ or broken down and the biogas produced can be harnessed and used to generate heat and electricity as a source of renewable energy.

A fertilizer is also produced which can be used as fertilizer for agriculture.

London alone produces nearly three million tons of food waste, from discarded food, which could be converted into heat and power.

The proposed new facility would primarily be for commercial customers at first.

David Sargent, managing director at LondonWaste, said: “It is clean, green and efficient and has been particularly welcomed by environmental experts.

“Our plans for anaerobic digestion are at an early stage and we will be taking everyone’s comments on board as we develop our plans further. When we have more detailed plans we will be able to consult people again.”

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