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How to Compost Leaves the Easy Way

  Raking up Future Compost!

Fall is coming and so are those wonderful leaves.  Yes, I said  wonderful leaves!  Did you know that those leaves falling outside  your window are a great source of organic material for making compost? 

It’s true—leaves are an excellent organic material for making compost for a couple of reasons:

1.    Since trees usually have extensive root systems, leaves end up being the recipient of all those nutrients gathered from the soil.

2.    Leaves are highly fibrous improving the aeration and composition of the soil.

Now, I can hear you saying, "I tried to compost my leaves, but it  didn’t work."  Probably most people have had some negative experience trying to compost leaves.  Actually, leaves can take several years to break down if you fail to compost them properly.  Don’t worry, learning how to compost leaves is not nearly as difficult as you may think. We are going to show you the easy way to compost leaves.

The first question many people ask is "What kind of leaves work best for composting?"  Just about any typical leaf works great.   Here are some of the most common leaf types:

·         White Ash

·         American Beech

·         Balsam Fir

·         Eastern Hemlock

·         Red Maple

·         Sugar Maple

·         White Oak

We should mention that if oak or beech leaves are used exclusively the resulting compost will be a bit more acidic making it quite suitable for plants such as rhododendrons and blueberries.  You  can lower the acidity by adding some limestone to the leaves as you fill your compost bin or compost pile.

There are two important things that you must do when you compost leaves to ensure that your leaves will compost properly.  The first thing is to make sure your leaves are shredded when adding them to your composter, compost tumbler or compost pile.

Shredding your leaves is quite easy.  You can mow over them several times before you rake them up.  Also, there are a number of  manufacturers who make shredder / chippers that work great for  leaves.  I even had a gasoline powered blower that had a vacuum attachment for picking up leaves, which left the leaves in a nice shredded state.

The second important thing you must do when you compost leaves is to make sure that you add nitrogen to your compost bin or compost pile.   Leaves contain very little nitrogen.  It is this lack of nitrogen that causes the leaves to decay slowly.  Adding nitrogen to your compost bin or compost pile will help to speed up the decomposition process of the leaves.   Adding nitrogen can be as simple as adding grass clippings with the leaves as you fill your compost tumbler or compost bin.

Other sources of nitrogen include manure, dried blood, alfalfa meal, and bone meal.  If you are using manure, use one part manure to five parts leaves.  If you are using a natural source of nitrogen such as dried blood, use two cups per wheelbarrow load of leaves.

Once you have shredded your leaves and found an additional nitrogen source, you simply add your leaves and nitrogen source to your compost tumbler, compost bin or compost pile and keep the leaves moist but not wet and allow nature to do its thing.  You will of course want to keep your leaves turned on a fairly regular basis if you are using a compost bin or compost pile.

If you want to make the composting process quicker and easier, a compost  tumbler works the best.  With a compost tumbler you are able to easily turn your compost on a weekly basis keeping the organic material well-mixed thereby speeding up the decomposition process.  With a compost  tumbler you can have compost in as little as 3 or 4 weeks.

A great compost tumbler for composting leaves is the Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler.

  Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler

If you are looking for a very simplistic compost bin to use to compost your leaves, the Wishing Well Compost Bin fits the bill just fine.

  Wishing Well Compost Bin

Hopefully, at this point you will look on those falling leaves a little more favorably.  Taking some time to compost leaves in the fall will result in great compost to use in your garden in the spring.  So go outside, rake some leaves and make some compost!

Both of the composters mentioned above are available in our Store and they include FREE SHIPPING.

For additional information on composting you may want to read  "What Can You Compost?"  You can also check out our website for more information on composting and a great selection of composting products.  Happy raking and composting!


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Wishing Well Composter Compost Bin Review

Fall is coming fast and it is going to be time to start raking leaves.  Why not turn those leaves into nutrient-rich compost for your spring flowers and garden?

The Wishing Well Composter Compost Bin is the perfect solution for turning those leaves into wonderful compost.  This large round compost bin holds 18 cubic feet of material, which is over 50% more capacity than most other compost bins on the market.  Just dump all those leaves from your yard into the Wishing Well Composter and end up with great compost for your garden. 

The Wishing Well Compost Bin is very sturdy and extremely simple to assemble.  In fact, assembly only takes 15 minutes and requires no tools!  The Wishing Well Compost Bin also includes a “Guide to Backyard Composting.”


  • Attractive brick pattern
  • 30" tall X 36" diameter
  • 18 cubic feet or 135 gallon capacity
  • Comes with Lid with central rainwater hole
  • Handholds for lifting bin from contents
  • 2 ft. access gate
  • Stainless steel hardware

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The Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler Review

The Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler

The Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler

Are you looking for a well-made, medium capacity compost tumbler for backyard composting?  The Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler is the answer.  Just think of all the beautiful flowers and vegetables you will be able to grow with the rich, organic compost made with your very own Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler.

The Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler is a free-standing tumbling compost bin. Air and moisture are distributed by the tumbling action ensuring the ideal conditions for rapid decomposition.

The Tumbleweed’s unique compost bin rotates effortlessly on its axis, and the contents fall from the top to the botton of the bin as it is rotated. The breaker bar across the middle of the bin helps break up clumped organic matter as it falls past.

Simply add your organic waste to the tumbler on a regular basis and give the barrel a couple of spins to ensure proper mixing of the organic materials. No more turning your compost with a pitch fork or following complicated layering techniques.

With a few spins each day and the right mix of organic matter, you can end up with dark, rich, organic compost in as little as 21 days. Composting time is dependent upon the mix of materials, moisture content of the compost, weather, etc.

For best result, use approximately 75% dry ingredients (shredded newspaper, grass clippings, leaves) and 25% moist waste (dead flowers, vegetables scraps). The Tumbleweed will work with any blend of organic material, but the process may take longer to complete. Remember, a well-aerated bin (daily spinning) helps break down materials into ready compost faster.

More About the Tumbleweed Composter:

  • Constructed of heavy duty UV-protected polypropylene plastic
  • Has two animal-resistant twist lock vented lids which allow for easy filling and emptying
  • Has center stainless steel rod which helps break down material in the composter with each spin
  • Comes with complete instructions for assemble and how to make compost
  • 46″ high x 26″ wide x 34″ deep
  • 58 gallon capacity (holds 7 to 8 cubic feet, or approximately 6.2 bushels)
  • Weighs 22 lbs

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The Worm Factory® 360 Worm Composting Bin Review

The Worm Factory® 360 Worm Composting Bin

The Worm Factory® 360 Worm Composting Bin

The Worm Factory® 360 Introducing the new and improved Worm Factory®, now called The Worm Factory® 360.  If you are looking for a well-built worm composting bin, this is the one for you.

Composting with worms allows you to turn kitchen scraps, paper waste and cardboard into nutrient-rich soil for your plants. The Worm Factory® 360composting system takes the effort out of composting.

The Worm Factory® 360 has been greatly improved over the previous model The Worm Factory®.  The new design has an increased air flow, which increases the composting speed.  Now you can produce compost much faster than traditional composting methods. Master Gardeners agree that worm castings or worm compost is one of the richest forms of fertilizer that you can use.

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